Welcome to Arawang Canteen

Why we are here! Arawang P&C Association, through its canteen subcommittee, runs a canteen for students and staff. The canteen is offered as a service to the school community and aims to provide a variety of tasty, healthy and nutritious food and drinks and to make modest profits, which can contribute to the overall P&C objectives of supporting the school and the education of our children.

Opening Hours

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am – 2pm

Lunch Orders

Lunch is ordered online via flexischools.

Setting up an account

Create an account at www. Top your account using one of the methods offered and then you are ready to order. (Direct credit top ups take about 48 hours to be cleared by the bank whereas PayPal or credit cards give you an instant top up)


Once your account is topped up, you can order using the standard online system of clicking on the items you wish to purchase and “add to cart” and “check out”. Once you check out your account balance will update. You will receive a confirmation email for each order.

Counter Sales

Due to COVID-19 and cohorting guidelines the canteen is currently unable to procced with counter sales.

Contact Details

Phone: 6142 0661



Our canteen has a paid manager, William Kukkonen, but relies on volunteer parents and grandparents to be able to function effectively. Volunteers for an hour or two are welcome, whether to help with food preparation, processing orders or counter sales. Children love to see mum or dad or grandparents helping in the canteen. If you are interested in volunteering your time please contact Will or the school front office for more information regarding working with vulnerable people checks and vaccination requirements.


If you cannot help in the canteen, but would like to support our free bunny bag programme, you are invited to send in an occasional bag of carrots or bunch of celery. Donations of other non-perishables such as paper bags are also welcome.

The Canteen

The canteen is located in the middle of the school, adjoining the hall, with one servery facing the western corridor and another facing the canteen courtyard. The canteen was completely rebuilt in 2014-2015 and boasts a beautiful up-to-date kitchen with state of the art appliances. It connects with the kitchen classroom in which the school runs a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programme.

Arawang Primary Canteen Menu

The canteen committee and manager work to ensure full compliance with the ACT government “Healthy food in schools” policy. The policy uses the traffic light system to categorise foods as Green (eat plenty of), Amber (eat less of) and Red (can’t be sold), based on their sugar, fat and sodium content. As required by the Education Directorate, our menu has been submitted to and approved by Nutrition Australia. As part of encouraging healthy eating, we offer free “bunny bags” (mainly carrot and celery sticks).  These can be ordered or children can receive one during counter sales at lunch or recess (while daily stocks last). Donations of carrots, celery or other suitable veges in seasons are welcome.

The menu takes into account dietary and cultural requirements with vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options. If your child has other dietary requirements, please talk to our canteen manager about options for them to order lunch.

Special Meals

From time to time the canteen will offer a special lunch menu, especially for athletics or cross country carnivals, Book Week and Harmony Day etc. These will be advertised in the newsletter and/or through a note to home. Usually the normal menu will not be available on special lunch days.